About Us

Million Dollar Wear encompasses urban fashion. Born from the streets of South Houston, Texas; is a high quality, stylish urban brand that appeals to those that have big dreams. Regardless of their current personal situation, individuals can wear our brand to portray an image of ambition and drive to those around them.

Urban fashion wear is more than just items of clothing. It’s an expression of mobility in life and in personal style. It’s part of South Houston culture; it's not just a fashion trend, it’s a movement that unites all ethnicities, cultures and genders and artists and musicians alike. It’s a collaboration of current trends, designer items and individual flair. That individual flair is what makes Million Dollar Wear unique. 

Million Dollar Wear was created by two young entrepreneurs who have had a passion for clothing for as long as they can remember. They incorporate what Million Dollar Wear is all about from Self-taught and driven to succeed. It’s about overcoming hurdles, working hard, learning constantly and achieving your goals. Ambition, drive, persistence and determination are the characteristics that Million Dollar Wear incorporate in all their pieces. These young entrepreneurs fully understand the idea of branding one’s own creativity, style and incorporate that idea into all their designs. 

Based on fact, we believe Urban wear is developed from hip hop culture, so we embrace this history and incorporate these elements when designing our pieces. However, Urban wear no longer only holds the key items of baggy jeans and loose T-shirts. It has expanded its offering to reach all demographics around the world; from streets to offices and from cities to suburbs. Thus, allowing urban style to become an eclectic mix of luxury, streetwear, hip hop and much more. Loose fitting clothing in basic colors are used as a base line in all our urban designs, but we use our unique touch to expand our designs, resulting in original urban clothing pieces. 

Million Dollar Wear has a range of items that appeal to urban youth, and others that strive for success and want to use their clothing as a form of self-expression. They use our brand to portray their goals of being successful. 

Our clothing range includes men’s and women’s T-shirts, tank tops and joggers. Using only the best quality fabrics, our clothing is made from a majority of 100% ring-spun cotton and printed in the USA.